Windermere Wild Swim, August 2018

Windermere Wild Swim, August 2018

The Windermere Wild Swim is an annual swimming event that takes place along Lake Windermere in the Lake District.

When is Windermere Wild Swim?

The 2018 Windermere Wild Swim is on Sunday 26th August.

Windermere Wild Swim, August 2018

Set in the wonderful waters of the Lake District, the 2018 Windermere Wild Swim is due to be another fantastic contest. Competitors from all over the world try their luck swimming along the magnificent Lake Windermere.

The course starts at Fell Foot, Windermere with scenery that takes in the South Lakes and Gummer’s hall. Even those competing can’t help but admire the local area, with the swim being just as much about taking part as trying to come first. In fact, everyone’s a winner, with a medal being presented to everyone that crosses the finish line.

If you do wish to join the Windermere Wild Swim, August 2018, there’s still time to sign up. Entries close on Friday 24th August, just two days before the big day. Once you’ve paid your £25 entry fee, ensure you arrive at Lakeside by 8am ready to sign in.

While the Windermere Wild Swim is open to swimmers of various abilities, the contest has a 2 hour and 15 minutes cut off. As such, regardless of if you’re competing or just watching, you can still be back in your Windermere hot tub by lunchtime!

Swimming in Lake Windermere

Given the recent run of good weather, it’s the ideal excuse to dive in for a swim in Lake Windermere. Although the weather for the day can’t be guaranteed, don’t worry! There are still plenty of things to do in the Lake District on a rainy day.

Speaking of which, should the water temperature drop below 15 degrees all competitors will be required to wear a wetsuit. This is of course for the health and safety of any swimmers, in particular, due to the ever-changing currents. Other than that, providing you wear a tow float, wetsuits aren’t compulsory.

As for any other restrictions, these are largely aimed at swimmers aged 18 and under. Although booking into a spa hotel in the Lake District for the weekend, maybe you’re getting away from the children! If however, you are meeting up with parents who have under 16’s taking part, then remind them to bring a letter from their local swimming club.

For further information refer to the Sleekerswim website for the registration form and contact details. Finally, good luck from all of us here at Aphrodites Lodge.

Hotels on Lake Windermere

With Aphrodites Lodge overlooking Lake Windermere, your spa hotel in the Lake District is in a prime location for the 2018 Wildermere Wild Swim. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of making a last-minute entry or after a hot tub to relax in for the weekend. Watching or taking part, book a spa hotel in the Lake District and enjoy a taste of luxury.

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