Where to watch the England games in Windermere?

Where to watch the England games in Windermere?

Regardless of if you’re a keen football fan or just getting wrapped up in the moment, the World Cup is a special occasion. After all, it only comes around every 4 years. So where do you watch the England games in Windermere?

The 2018 Russian World Cup

With the dreaded penalties out of the way against Columbia, England are one step closer to potentially lifting the trophy. This weekend they take on Sweden in the quarter-finals. Although it could always be decided from the penalty spot once again. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, despite the likes of Germany and Portugal out, Sweden still aren’t an easy team. You can, however, join the Swedes in one of their favourite past times and a make the most of a Swedish Barrel Sauna. There are other facilities in your Windermere Spa Hotel too, such as your private indoor hot tub. It may be just what’s needed to relax after the game, regardless of the result. If you’re not supporting England in the World Cup, or their opposition, there are still plenty of other games to enjoy. All the matches are televised in the local bars, but if you don’t fancy going out there’s still the comfort of your hotel suite. The rooms at Aphrodite’s Lodge all come with fantastic entertainment systems, perfect for watching the World Cup unfold.

Sports Bars in Windermere

One of the most popular sports bars in Windermere is at the Ship Inn. Situated along the quayside, it’s also close to your Windermere boutique hotel. As such, you can take a dip in your hot tub and enjoy the spa facilities, making you feel calm and collected before the big game. Another busy sports bar in Windermere is the Flying Pig. Again it’s a pub close to the beautiful Lake Windermere, where you can definitely watch the World Cup and more. There is food served from midday until 9pm, with early bird deals between 4pm and 6pm. Which coincidentally makes it ideal timing for the England vs Sweden game this weekend.

Traditional pubs in Windermere showing the England Game

When it comes to friendly traditional pubs, visitors from all corners of the world are welcome in the Lake District. In particular, Windermere is a great place to watch the World Cup. The Brookside is a friendly local, one which has certainly made a name for itself. The Queens Pub is a traditional British public house, however, the food is presented with elegance and style. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere to watch the England games, but as Gareth Southgate’s team edge closer to the final, who knows what to expect! Whoever you’re supporting this year, Aphrodites Lodge looks forward to seeing you. Although don’t leave it another 4 years until the next World Cup, book your Spa Hotel in Windermere today. Alternatively, there’s always the Euros in 2020. Which still gives you plenty of time to decide where to watch the England games in Windermere.
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