What is a Mini Moon and Why Are They So Popular?

Mini moons are the perfect post-nuptial escape instead of a full-on honeymoon, allowing you to recharge and soak up that newly wed bliss for a few days after your wedding day.

We’ve put together a guide on all you need to know about mini moons including what they are, what to consider when planning a mini moon as well as why the Lake District may be the perfect mini moon getaway destination.

What is a Mini Moon?

A mini moon is basically a shorter, more condensed version of a traditional honeymoon that’s closer to home and shorter than the typical fortnight-long holiday that newlyweds take after their wedding. In short, a mini moon can either be taken as the main event or a miniature honeymoon before the couple embark on their full-fledged honeymoon at a later date.

Mini moons are typically less than a week in length and can either be a staycation-style holiday taken near where the couple live, or a mini break near the couple’s wedding destination in the case of a destination wedding. For many couples, a mini moon affords the opportunity to wind down after the wedding, and for this reason mini moons tend to be relaxing, laid-back affairs.

Why Choose a Mini Moon?

Whether you choose to have a mini moon depends on time, money and whether you’re planning a full honeymoon. We highly recommend blocking out a few days after your wedding to rest and soak up that post-wedding excitement, so what better excuse to book a mini break?

It used to be that couples would host a wedding and then jet off on their honeymoon the following day, requiring at least 2 consecutive weeks off from work. Nowadays, it can be challenging for couples to take the “standard” amount of time for a honeymoon straight after their wedding date. Enter: the mini moon. Many couples are choosing mini moons for their affordability and condensed time frame, allowing couples time and space to relax after their exhaustive wedding activities.

These short getaways provide an opportunity to decompress from wedding planning stress, connect as a newly married couple and build unforgettable memories without the need to travel far or spend excessively. The mini moon also provides couples with time to plan a more elaborate honeymoon that isn’t tied to their wedding date, ensuring that when it does happen, it’s a trip of a lifetime.

How Much Does a Mini Moon Cost?

As you can imagine, the cost of a mini moon in the UK is significantly less that the cost of the average fortnight-long honeymoon. The cost of a UK mini moon is entirely up to you and where you want to go, but the average price is around £1,200. For this, a couple will enjoy a few nights in a luxury hotel or resort. Of course, you can plan a mini moon on pretty much any budget though!

How to Plan a Mini Moon?

Set a budget

You should have already set the main wedding budget, and this will give you a good idea about how much money you have left for your post-wedding mini moon. The best thing about mini moons is that they can fit into any budget and can be as budget-friendly or high-end as you like. A budget for your UK mini moon should include accommodation, transport, food and drinks and any activities.

Pick a destination

Once you know your budget, it’s time to find your mini moon destination. Put some time aside to sit down with your fiancé and discuss your dream mini moon must haves, taking into consideration the type of accommodation you want to stay in and also what kind of activities you want to do while on your break. Remember, mini moons are usually close to home or near your wedding venue.

Keep things simple

The whole idea behind a mini moon is to transition between the wedding and real life. There’s no need to feel pressure to tick off a bucket list travel destination as this is something you can instead consider for your honeymoon. The last thing you want after a busy wedding is a stressful travel itinerary, so keeping things simple will allow you time to soak up that newlywed bliss.

Plan time to relax

Following one of the most exciting, action-packed days of your life, blocking out a few days after your wedding to relax and unwind will certainly be well received. It’s a good idea to limit the number of activities you book during your mini moon staycation and instead prioritise spending some well-deserved downtime with your partner and decompress after all the festivities.

Don’t forget the romance

While a mini moon may be considered more chilled-out than a full-fledged honeymoon, it can still be a wildly romantic adventure. Mini moons afford the perfect opportunity to enjoy some one-on-one time with the love of your life and celebrate the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your lives. Some hotels will even offer champagne or rose petals to make your stay that extra bit more special.

Mini Moons in the Lake District

The Prestige Package

The Lake District has always been a favourite mini moon and honeymoon destination, boasting some of the most romantic landscapes in the UK. In particular, Bowness-on-Windermere is very much associated with elopement and weddings with spectacular lake views, enchanting surroundings and a boundless number of wedding venues – the Lake District is made for love.

Situated in the popular lakeside town of Bowness-on-Windermere, Aphrodites Boutique Suites offers the perfect post-wedding break for those who are looking for a romantic mini moon getaway. Here you can enjoy some of the region’s most popular restaurants, award winning local bars and world-famous tourist attractions and then retire to the comfort of your luxurious boutique apartment with your very own hot tub and host of other modern facilities. Along with extra touches available for such a special occasion, our stunning properties are the perfect destination for a romantic mini moon break.

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