UK Summer Staycation in Windermere

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By booking a UK summer staycation, guests can experience the true beauty of Bowness on Windermere and the Lake District. As well, of course, as all the benefits of a hot tub in your very own luxury spa suite.

Why Choose a UK Summer Staycation?

As the Lake District is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Great Britain, a UK summer staycation is a natural choice. Especially this year, given the uncertainty of trips abroad, even with the current restrictions being in the process of making things easier.

After all, when it comes to holidays overseas, things aren’t quite back to normal just yet. There’s the fact of working out whether or not a country is deemed safe. Let alone if they are allowing foreign visitors in themselves in the first place.

Then there’s the concern of still having to self-isolate, which apart from anything else can prolong a holiday unnecessarily. If you’re staying in a hot tub spa suite in Windermere, you may not mind the extra time off work.

However, the reality is any unplanned leave can add to the stress and no-one needs that after a relaxing break.

UK Summer Staycation in Windermere

So, now that you’ve decided a UK summer staycation is the right decision, you may ask yourself why choose Windermere? Well, there are a number of reasons. It’s not just about having your own hot tub and private spa suite in a luxurious independent hotel.

Regardless of international travel bans and recent social distancing restrictions, Cumbria and the Lake District has always been a popular holiday hot spot. Windermere itself forever being at the centre of extended package breaks and weekends away.

There’s everything you could possibly need, all within a few minutes from our spa hotel. The Lake River cruises, nearby railway links and a number of tours waiting to take you to the very best local attractions.

If you’ve decided to bring the car, then you’ll be in for some of the most beautiful country drives imaginable. Although, we’d highly recommend getting out and about on foot if possible. Whereby walking routes and mountain hikes will take you across the hills and into the fells.

During which you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning scenery and views that will truly take your breath away. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer to stay a little closer to your accommodation, there’s a wide selection of bars and restaurants available.

All of which available to make your holiday one to remember for years to come.

Book a UK Summer Staycation

Enjoy the summer you deserve this year with a spa break in Windermere. By booking a room at our Aphrodites Boutique Suites, guests can relax in a luxurious spa suite with private hot tub. As an alternative, should you wish to book outside of the tourist season, take advantage of our book now and pay later offer. Available on dates during September, October and November 2021.

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