Traditional Cumbrian Food You Need to Try!

Traditional Cumbrian Food You Need to Try!

When you go on a package break it’s always nice to try some local cuisine. An afternoon cream tea, made up of scones, strawberry jam and cream is frightfully English. If you’re after something homely then go for a good old-fashioned British roast dinner. When it comes to traditional Cumbrian food, then there are few choices specifically from the region:

Cumberland Sausage

This is probably the most famous and traditional Cumbrian food to try during a package break in Windermere. Not only that but when made with the right ingredients is absolutely delicious. The iconic sausage is instantly recognisable by its distinct presentation. Traditionally rolled into a long, flat sausage the pork meat is then made into a spiral coil.

Cumberland Sausage is perfect served with the basic sides of mash, peas and onion gravy. Ideal for those winter dinners in the Lake District, you can, of course, enjoy traditional Cumbrian food all year round. When you stay in Spa Hotel in Windermere, there are a host of nearby pubs and restaurants. You won’t have to go far to sample this delight!


Its origins may be disputed, as to whether or not gingerbread come from France or Germany, but Grasmere Gingerbread also takes some beating. In fact, if you’re staying in the Lake District and having a day out to Grasmere, make sure you visit Sarah Nelson’s bakery.

The original shop was built in 1630 and here recipe has been passed down through the generations ever since. So if you’re ever building your own Gingerbread house, why not make it look like a little piece of Cumbria.

Cumberland Tatie Pot

When you’ve been out walking the fells, there’s nothing more comforting than a good old-fashioned Cumberland Tatie Pot. The traditional Cumbrian food is made with lamb, black pudding and potatoes. After all, the lamb in the Lake District is like no other.

Kendal Mint Cake

Definitely one for those of you with a sweet tooth. As per the name, it’s origins stem from Kendal, a market town in the south of the Lakes. Kendal Mint Cake is made from a high quantity of sugar, flavoured with peppermint. Not exactly the most healthy of snacks, but if you’re after traditional Cumbrian food, it has to be done.

Available made from either white or brown sugar, it’s been a regular in local sweet shops since 1918. By all accounts, the sugary goodness was produced by mistake, when confectioner Joseph Wiper over boiled some sugar.

If you want to get some authentic treats, then Kendal is only a 15-minute drive away from your Windermere Spa Hotel. If you fancy going for a hike, then it may take a while but the high sugar content will give you an energy boost on the way back! You’ll soon be relaxing in your Windermere hot tub before you know it.

When you’re after a package break in Windermere, book into our luxurious Lake District Spa Hotel. At Aphrodite’s Lodge, you can enjoy a spa suite with hot tub, as well as Windermere Beauty Treatments.

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