Ten things you didn’t know about Windermere

Ten things you didn’t know about Windermere

Are there things you didn’t know about Windermere but wish you did?  Then

Over 16 million people flock to the Lake District each year to walk, hike, swim and chill out in some of the best spa hotels Windermere.

Ten things you didn’t know about Windermere include:

Did you know in 1895, Windermere was completely frozen for six weeks? The locals could walk from one side to the other. Other frozen years were 1864, 1946 and 1963

Orrest Head was the first summit in Windermere to be reached by Alfred Wainwright who said: ‘those few hours at Orrest Head cast a spell that changed my life’

The Baddeley Clock on the main road marks the division between Windermere and Bowness. It was built as a memorial to M J B Baddeley (1843-1906) who wrote a series of well-regarded guidebooks

The two towns of Windermere and Bowness were the second area in England to have electric street lighting – supplied from a hydro-electric plant at Troutbeck Bridge

No-Go Areas

A curious plaque set into the pavement of Crag Brow reads ‘This footpath is not dedicated to the public’, meaning that the public have no right of way over this area but are allowed to do so by permission of the landowner

Storrs Hall was built by John Bolton, who was a ship owner and slave trader. It is said that the slaves were kept in the cellars of Storrs Hall until buyers could be found for them

Did you know Charles Dickens apparently ‘frequented’ the New Hall Inn in Bowness-on-Windermere?

Windermere’s Hole in t’Wall pub got its name thanks to the gap in the brickwork that was knocked through so that the blacksmith next door could be served a beer while at his anvil

The name ‘Windermere’ is made up of two words – ‘mere’ which is the old English word for a body of water, and ‘Vinander’ an old Norse name

Wray Castle is visible across the lake from Low Wood Bay. The castle was built in 1840 for a retired Liverpool surgeon. A member of his family, Hardwicke Rawnsley, in a bid to protect the countryside from damaging development, went on to conceive the idea of a National Trust

Whether you are planning to visit Windermere for a long weekend, a midweek stay or a day trip, you will find plenty of things to see and do.

Whatever time of year you visit, a wide choice of award-winning attractions are available. From country houses to adventure playgrounds and romantic spa hotels to Michelin star restaurants, Windermere has something for everyone! Are there any other things you didn’t know about Windermere? Then why not come and discover more with a spa break in the Lake District.

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