Things to do in Ambleside, the Lake District

Things to do in Ambleside, the Lake District

It may be Lake Windermere that attracts the tourists, but there are lots more things to do in Ambleside. So when you’re staying at a Spa Hotel in Windermere, don’t forget to take the car for a drive. Although, there are of course other forms of transport available in the Lake District, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of the countryside.

Walk the Lake District the Fells

It wouldn’t be a holiday in the Lake District if you didn’t take advantage of the beautiful Cumbrian landscape. So when you’re booked into your spa suite, how about a walk across the Lake District Fells. When you’re looking for things to do in Ambleside, the Fairfield Horseshoe makes for a rather special walking route.

Have a look inside the Armitt Museum

Elsewhere in Ambleside, the Armitt Museum is a good introduction to the Lake District. There’s work by Beatrix Potter, local photographers such as Herbert Bell and the Abraham Brothers, along with interesting touring artefacts.

Visit a Roman Fort

If you’re out walking in the Lake District keep an eye out for the Galava Roman Fort. It may not be fully standing, but its remains make for an intriguing Ambleside talking point.

Practice your Photography

As well as the amazing views, starting from looking out of your Windermere Spa Hotel window, Ambleside is great for photographers. Bridge House is a quaint little building, not only filled with history but a subtle and iconic landmark.

Learn about William Wordsworth

He was undoubtedly Ambleside’s most famous resident. The romantic poet William Wordsworth. You can have lunch where he worked at the Old Stamp House, visit his family home at Rydal Mount or just pick up a copy of one his many books.

Dinner at Zeffirelli’s

Traditional Cumbrian food may include the likes of Cumbrian Sausage or lamb “Tatie” pot, but eating out in Ambleside is much more European. In fact, dinner at Zeffirelli’s is by far one of Ambleside’s most popular restaurants.

Enjoy a pint at a local pub

Sticking with tradition, it’s a good excuse to leave your Windermere Spa Suite behind and head to a country pub. If you’re looking for where to go for a drink in Ambleside, then the Royal Oak is a good choice.

Join a Lake District bus tour

The Mountain Goat tour company cater for all types of visitors. If you’re on a romantic weekend away in Windermere, then why not enjoy a private tour.

Go sailing in Ambleside

One of the ultimate things to do in Ambleside is to enjoy the views from the water. You can take a short walk from your Windermere Spa Suite, join the Windermere Lake Cruises and embrace the wonderful journey. You don’t have to stay in Ambleside itself, you can easily reach all the above from a Windermere Spa Hotel. Where you can make the most of your hot tub and much more.
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