The Lake District Wildlife Park

At the Lake District Wildlife Park, you will be introduced to some of the worlds most iconic animals. There’s everything from anacondas to zebras in England’s Lake District.

Why not book into a Windermere spa hotel and enjoy the southern Lakes before travelling the 20 miles to Keswick for the Lake District Wildlife Park?

Enjoy intimate and unique animal encounter experiences, see an eclectic mix of more than 100 species and roam around a stunning 24-acre parkland in one of England’s most beautiful regions. Find yourself on an exciting animal adventure as you journey into one of Cumbria’s most famous attractions – the Lake District Wildlife Park.

Some of the animals at the Lake District Wildlife Park

Lar Gibbon

You will fall in love with the oldest Lar Gibbon in Europe. Hear these fascinating creatures singing while sitting on the top branches of an oak tree. The Lar Gibbon are caramel in colour. Witness these notorious creatures swinging on trees and munching leaves and nuts.

Northern Eurasian Lynx

Meet the European Lynx brothers- Elva and Cai. Though they are native to Russia, Western Europe and Central Asia, they are also found in European and Siberian forests. The Lynx are carnivores and eat deer, sheep and other smaller animals within their natural habitat.

Grants Zebra

Visit this perfect place to get close to one of the most loving animals on the planet. Come and meet Whinny and family. They have an excellent sense of smell with sharp eyesight. They are great runners so you will be lucky to catch a ‘close-up’ glimpse.

Boa Constrictor

Meet beauty and the beast- a pair of Boa’s who are 14 years old. They are among the largest snakes in the reptile house. Their favourite food includes monkeys, large birds and rats. They have a slow metabolic rate so after feeding they may not eat again for days.


These are the world’s largest monkeys and love to stay in a group of females and youngsters. The male members can be distinguished easily as they have more a more colourful face and bottom. Get a chance to meet colourful Harley and his family at the Lake District Wildlife Park.

Asian Short Clawed Otter

Meet these small and noisy creatures – Amber and Sacre. There are twelve different species of otter in the world but this category is the smallest of all. Even being the smallest, their presence is conspicuous around the park during feeding time.


Grab a wonderful chance to meet Dave and Judy and their expanding family. They are the small creatures of the Mongoose family with a life span of 12-14 years. Due to the fame of the TV programme Meerkat Manor, Meerkats have become more popular among visitors.

American Bald Eagle

Join the hawk walk with Bill- the bald eagle. It has been named after former American President Bill Clinton. These outstanding birds have a white head and white tail and with a maximum weight of 5kg.

Where to stay near the Lake District Wildlife Park

Although the Lake District Wildlife Park is situated at Bassenthwaite, Keswick, why not stay in a Windermere spa hotel?

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