The Best Babymoon Ideas and Destinations

There is so much excitement and adjustment that comes with preparing for a new baby, it’s important to slow down and soak in some much-needed alone time with your partner.

Whether this little bundle of joy is your first or you’ve experienced the elation and anticipation of expecting before, you and your partner deserve some quiet relaxation time before your new baby arrives!

Babymoons are unique experiences for expecting parents to enjoy some time and space together to celebrate their relationship and all that is to come. They are the perfect opportunity to explore a bucket list destination you have always dreamed of, whether in the UK or abroad.

For all you parents-to-be considering taking one last romantic trip as a couple before your baby comes, here’s our guide to the best babymoon destinations to ensure you have a fabulous time.

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is basically a last hurrah before the arrival of your baby. If you’re welcoming your first baby with a partner, a babymoon allows you to share some romantic one-on-one time together. It can be a time to bond, relax and rejuvenate on your own laid-back schedule.

The name is a play on ‘honeymoon’, but instead of a holiday you take after getting married, a babymoon is a holiday you take before your little one arrives. It’s a celebratory holiday, allowing you to enjoy quality time as a couple before the birth of a new baby.

The trend has grown in popularity because let’s be honest, once a baby arrives, there are few opportunities to enjoy a getaway.

Why Go on a Babymoon?

There are many reasons couples decide to take a babymoon, but the main reason is usually to spend time together before your baby comes. You should go on a babymoon holiday if you want to enjoy some one-on-one time together before you dive into another way of life that includes a wonderful new addition. Babymoons are most popular with couples having their first baby, however, couples who already have children can also decide to take a babymoon to celebrate this fantastic milestone.

When to go on a Babymoon?

When it comes to planning a babymoon and travelling while pregnant, it’s all about the timing. With the proper precautions, most women can travel safely well into their pregnancy, but you likely won’t want to travel in the midst of morning sickness or be so far along that you are uncomfortable or run the risk of going into early labour.

For the best experience, try to plan a babymoon when you feel your best, which for many women is during their second trimester from week 13 through 27 of pregnancy. Morning sickness is often experienced in the first trimester, and the last thing you want is to spend a holiday sick.

It’s also a good idea to plan a babymoon before the third trimester (from week 27 to the end of the pregnancy), when you’re likely to feel more tired and uncomfortable. There’s also the risk of an early delivery or restricted travel. Most commercial airlines won’t let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy and may request a letter from your doctor after 28 weeks, for example.

How Much Does a Babymoon Cost?

As with any trip, the cost will vary widely depending on your babymoon destination, the length of your stay, whether you’re driving or flying, the activities you plan to do and how budget-friendly or high end you want to go. Regarding activities, the cost of a babymoon can range from free things, like walks in the park, to more expensive activities such as spa treatments and dinner dates.

Babymoon Destinations

Where you choose to go on your babymoon is dependent on your preferences as a couple, your budget and how you are feeling during your pregnancy. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, though the best places for a babymoon are ones where you have a good mix of relaxing and sightseeing.

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose a babymoon destination that accommodates the travel needs of a pregnant woman and so, it’s a good idea to avoid anywhere that will take multiple hour-long flights to reach. For most expecting parents it perfectly ok to visit another country while pregnant, though, just be prepared and make sure you consult your doctor first.

UK babymoon destinations have increased in popularity in recent years, and this is your best bet for a stress-free trip. Staycations are also a huge money saver, allowing you to prepare financially for your new arrival.

There are tons of amazing destinations in the UK that don’t require stressful travel! We may be biased, but we truly believe the Lake District is one of the best babymoon destinations in the UK. Where else can you walk through winding streets of charming lakeside towns and come upon picturesque lakes with backdrops of beautiful mountain scenery. If you ask us, there’s no destination in the UK that offers a more romantic and relaxing setting. And after a day of exploring, eating at local restaurants or perhaps treating yourself to a revitalising spa day, you can then retire to one of our luxurious boutique apartments with their own hot tubs and a host of other modern facilities.

Doesn’t that sound dreamy!

Babymoon Ideas

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There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a babymoon – it’s all about finding the right option for you. Some couples prefer to keep it simple and holiday locally, and others may prefer to travel further afield. Whatever you do, though, make sure there’s an opportunity to relax. Here’s our list of the best ideas for a babymoon if you’re staying in the UK:

  • Glamping
  • Spa retreat
  • City break
  • Luxury stay in the Lake District

Whether you’re expecting a little one for the first time or getting ready to welcome a little brother or sister into the family, planning for your babymoon is a fun way of welcoming a new person into the world and giving you time to celebrate your relationship and all that’s to come. Now you’ve got a better idea of planning your babymoon, budgeting for a babymoon and activities to do on a babymoon, we wish you the best of luck on your new adventure!

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