Outdoor activities in the Lake District

Cumbria isn’t just a place to relax; it can get your adrenaline going too! Outdoor activities in the Lake District can range from a brisk walk to a challenge mountain climb.

From hiking high on Scafell Pike, rafting the county’s watery rapids, walking around the lakes, swimming and kayaking and even soaring through the sky, the Lake District and the surrounding areas offer a lot of adventurous activities for all ages and levels of fitness.

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Outdoor activities in the Lake District

Climbing and scrambling: Though climbing is a common activity throughout the county the Lake District and Cumbria are world famous for the gentle scrambles and challenging rock climbs. Imagine a glorious green valley dotted with dark crags with peaceful sounds of wind filtering through the mountains. Nothing to worry about if you are not an avid climber. There are plenty of gentler walks and climbs for beginners.

Water sports and other activities: The Lake District offers a wide range of water sports. From canoeing and sailing to diving and windsurfing and water skiing, the list is endless. Cumbria also offers several outdoor swimming events, including the Great North Swim which takes place every summer and attracts around 10,000 people each time. Stand up paddle boarding is a new way to experience the stunning lakes. Being a hub of more than 80 lakes, open water swimming is popular in the Lake District.

Cycling and mountain biking: This is one of the best ways to get to know the Lake District and explore the neighbouring areas. If you are looking to truly get off the beaten path, enjoy tours by electric bike or sign up for a Sky ride. You can always join in the cycling trail which will take you through Grizedale, offering the best of Cumbria’s views. There are plenty of cycle hiring centres for a smooth journey throughout.

Walking around Cumbria: A huge variety of walking routes with unique features make the Lake District the UK’s favourite destination for walking enthusiasts. The best way to appreciate this quintessential county is to go for classic walks around lakes and valleys. You can plan your trip by seeking a range of guides and resources.

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