Keeping Fit in the Lake District

Keeping Fit in the Lake District

With the evenings getting lighter, keeping fit in the Lake District is an absolute pleasure. The stunning and wonderful scenery will give you the excuse needed to get out and about.

Walking and Running in the Lake District

Making the most of the outdoors is one of the main reasons for booking a package break in the Lake District. Walking routes cover some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, with green fields that go on for miles and miles.

It gives visitors a choice between a brisk stroll or a more challenging hike across the fells. There are a selection of websites and publications that outline a wide variety of walks in the Lake District. Which can quite often easily be transformed into a quick jog or a long distance, cross country run.

Swimming in the Lake District

While your hotel will come with a swimming pool for its guests, there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. As such open water swimming is increasingly popular in the Lakes, from public competitions to a quick dip in a secluded bay.

Again, it’s down to your own preference and ability. If you’re someone who’s confident in the water, there’s still time to register for the Great North Swim. While if keeping fit in the Lake District is more of a personal challenge, then it doesn’t get much better than swimming in Lake Windermere.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you’re away on holiday and missing your regular fitness routine and trip to the gym, you can always hire a personal trainer. With some one-on-one training, you can carry on your regime almost anywhere.

What’s more, a personal trainer can often come equipped with everything you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a run and need some encouragement or wanting a more intense gym session.

While on a package break in the Lake District, a personal trainer may be able to meet you at your spa suite. As such, they can always start your session in the hotel pool, your own room or the hotels’ private gardens.

Spa Facilities at Aphrodite’s Lodge

When it comes to other spa facilities at Aphrodite’s Lodge, there’s a selection of beauty treatments available to choose from. While keeping fit in the Lake District at our pool, you can still spoil yourself with some self-pampering afterwards.

That could be a hot stone massage or facial, but after working out a full body massage will come as a welcome reward. Treatments are available for individuals, but there are also packages designed for couples, along with a selection of special offers available.

Then there are the facilities within your spa suite itself. Our spa suites in Windermere come with their own private hot tub, Swedish barrel saunas, relaxation rooms and much more.

Booking a Spa Package Break in the Lake District

If you like the idea of keeping fit in the Lake District, book a spa package break in Windermere at Aphrodite’s Lodge. We have a selection of package breaks in the Lake District available, including those at our other Windermere Hotels and private boutique spa cottage.

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