Hot Tub Spa Breaks in Spring

Hot Tub Spa Breaks in Spring

As we officially enter Spring, our hot tub spa breaks in Windermere are the opportunity to see the Lake District in all its glory.

In particular, self-contained accommodation is allowed to re-open from 12th April. As such, we look forward to the gradual return of our guests. As the flowers start to blossom, we can re-open our doors once more and provide you with some loving TLC.

Windermere Hot Tub Spa Breaks in Spring

Several of our spa suites come complete with their own private entrances. Therefore we’re pleased to announce the Aphrodites Group are able to open some of our rooms within the guidelines as of 12th April.

You can book online or if you’d prefer to visit in the summer, we have some fantastic offers available. Although hot tub spa breaks in Spring are a particularly popular time of year. Giving you the chance to experience Windermere and the Lake District outside of the tourist season.

Meanwhile, the beautiful countryside naturally comes into its own. As for your spa suite, it’s a time to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Laying back in a pre-heated outdoor hot tub under the crisp clear skies.

As you listen to the birds sing and the gentle breeze rustle through the leaves on the trees, you’ll be in for a real treat. Our spa suites have been given a spring clean ready for your arrival. As well as a number being given an extra lick of paint, we’ve also introduced a number of special touches.

While you look forward to embracing a taste of luxury at the Aphrodites Boutique Suites, you may wonder what it’s like visiting Windermere in Spring. Well, wherever you decide to visit in the UK, Spring in the Lake District is truly magical.

Visiting Windermere in the Spring

The daffodils are already coming into fruition, but it’s also the carpet like display of bluebells that are just as photogenic. In fact, to put it into context, around half-the worlds bluebells can be found here in the UK. The flowers thrive among the woodland, with the like of Skelghyll Woods and Jenkin Crag near Windermere being particularly prominent locations.

Elsewhere another vision of Spring is the delightful image of new born Herdwick lambs bounding through the fields. The wonderful emergence of a new life being symbolic of a fresh new start, one which brings hope and love for the future.

Spa breaks in Spring this year are equally special when it comes to getting out and about. Coinciding with self-contained accommodation re-opening, so too is a visit to the Lake District a chance to embrace local life. None more-so than the opening of the local bars and restaurants. Albeit while having to adhere to outdoor services only.

You can also support the local economy further, as non-essential shops start re-opening. Along with those where you can pick-up local delicacies such as Kendal mint-cake or some traditional Cumberland sausages.

Aphrodites Boutique Suites in Windermere

With several Government restrictions on social distancing due to be lifted next month, it’s time to book some time away. As such, our hot tub spa breaks in Spring are the perfect opportunity to escape to the country with the one you love. Check online here for current availability or follow us on social media for further details.

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