Haunted Places in the Lake District

Haunted Places in the Lake District

Did you find the most haunted places in the Lake District this Halloween? Maybe you’re staying in a spa hotel in Windermere this winter and still in search of the myths and legends of Cumbria. Many special events in the Lake District for Halloween were aimed at children. The World of Beatrix Potter, Brockhole and even Windermere Lake Cruises had family-friendly fun. However, that’s not always the case when it comes to haunted places in the Lake District.

Haunted Places in the Lake District

So you’ve been trick or treating with the children and now you’re on a well-deserved spa break in the Lake District. However, if you’re looking for haunted places in the Lake District, then how about some of the following:

The White Horse of Windermere

While our spa hotel in Windermere may not be haunted, there have been a number of mysterious sightings nearby. Take a walk along Lake Windermere at night and keep an eye out for this four-legged ghost. Although this one comes with a warning. It is alleged that if you see a white horse walking across the water, there is trouble ahead. It is, however, just a myth so you can always seek comfort in your Windermere hot tub.

Tizzie-Whizie in Bowness-on-Windermere

It may sound like we’ve made this one up, but the Tizzie-Whizie has been spotted in Bowness since the 1900’s. There’s even pictorial evidence of the little creature, albeit how genuine this is can be debated. Although if you see a hedgehog with wings and the tail of a fox, then you may have just seen this illustrious creature.

Calgarth Hall, Windermere

They say greed can be the root of all evil. Well, when it came to local resident Myles Philipson there was a neighbourly dispute over Calgarth hall. The Justice of Peace officer wanted to take the property from the Cook family. When reluctant to sell Philipson decided to take the Cooks to court.

The case resulted in Dorothy Cook being given the death sentence. Upon their last words, Dorothy and husband Kraster Cook warned their skulls will return to haunt the great hall. True to their word, the couples skulls would appear time and time again.

Muncaster Castle

While relaxing in the hot tub of your spa hotel in Windermere, start making plans for the rest of your spa break in the Lake District. After all, it’s not only Windermere that’s full of myths and legends. Other haunted places in the Lake District include Muncaster Castle. There are a number of haunted goings-on in the Castle, which you can read all about here.

Carlisle Castle

On the outskirts of Cumbria is one of the country’s most spectacular castles. As with many castles of this stature, there are many stories of ghosts and ghouls at Carlisle Castle. At over 900 years old, you can always join the old with new. Visit the Castle with a day trip from Lake Windermere.

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