Welcome to Aphrodites Lodge - Room 42
The Antheia Suite

We have compiled some key information in this guest handbook to help make your stay even more enjoyable.

You will find your information for your Wifi and Netflix on your Welcome Card.

Now that you are settled in check out the facilities and extra creature comforts, we have to offer.

Within your room you will find:

  • Electric Saunua
  • Hot Tub
  • Outdoor Fire
  • TV with Netflix
  • Iron, Hair Dryer, Fridge
  • Robes & Slippers
  • Molton Brown Toiletries

Wi-Fi NameAphrodites Wifi Password Aphro123 


If you wish for your suite to be serviced, please inform reception by 10.30am. 

The rooms at our hotel are strictly no smoking.

We do have a dedicated smoking area located at the bottom of the garden. You can find this by following the path round to the bottom of the garden. The entrance to the path is from the car park located next to the entrance to the hotel.

Spa Suites
We do have a dedicated smoking area at the front of the building. Please leave the building through the front door and use the smoking trays provided to dispose of your cigarettes.

Tranquil Retreat
We do have a dedicated smoking area at the entrance to the car park. The area is signposted as you approach the car park entrance. Please use the smoking trays provided to dispose of your cigarettes.

Hot Tub

To keep the water clean during your evening of jet setting, please take a shower before jumping in and remove any makeup, fake tan and hair extensions. 

Remove the lid with both of you and place to one side. 

Check the temperature, this should show on the control panel on the side of the hot tub this should be around 37 degrees. 

Use the control panel to start the jets and turn on the lights. There are a few extra buttons on the control panel, do not use these as they will turn off the recommended settings of your hot tub. 

Jump in and enjoy! 

Once you have finished with the hot tub, remember to turn off the jets to reduce the noise and replace the lid so it keeps at temperature for when you next want to jump in. 

Top Tub Tips

If you find your hot tub is too hot, leave the hot tub lid off for a while and keep an eye on the temperature on the control panel. 

If you find some of the jets are not jetting to their full capacity, they may need opening. You can do this by rotating the casing of the jet into the open position. 

Electric Sauna

To use your electric barrel Sauna you will need to go inside the sauna and look at the unit at the back between the two seats. You will find two dials on the left hand side of the unit. The left dial is temperature and you can set this at whatever your personal preference is. The right hand dial is a timer which you can set for up to 4hrs. You will see on this right hand dial turn the dial clockwise and set the time to between 1 and 4. Try to avoid over turning the dial as the numbers following the initial 1 to 4 then set the sauna onto a timer which will not 

come on immediately. Once you have set your temperature and your timer you’re Sauna Set. 

Lounge TV

Your bedroom tv has build in apps such as Netflix. You can use these apps freely and login using your own accounts or use the hotels login for Netflix which can be found on the front page of the handbook. Please remember before checking out to log out of any apps you have used your personal login for. This TV also acts as your Wi-Fi hub so it needs to be turned on to connect your devices.

Small Appliances

In your room you will find an iron, ironing board and hairdryer in your wardrobe. Robes and Slippers.

You will also find in your wardrobe robes and slippers provided for your stay. Please note that the robes are to be left in the room upon your departure. 

If you would like fresh towels, toiletries and toilet rolls, you will need to phone through to our reception team.  

Smoking The rooms at our hotel are strictly no smoking. 

Tranquil Retreat We do have a dedicated smoking area at the entrance to the car park. The area is  signposted as you approach the car park entrance. Please use the smoking trays provided to dispose of your cigarettes. 

Log Burning Fire - Outside Firepit

Please use the homefire smokeless logs provided and follow the instructions on the packaging. If you require more logs, please contact reception. Do not put any other fuels or any other materials on the fire. Please use the fire guard.

Eko Fuel - Indoor Fire

Fuel for this fire is filled up prior to your arrival. If you require extra fuel please contact reception. Do not use or put any other fuel or materials on the fire.

Once you have finished using the fire you can slide the vent closed. This will restrict the flame and it will die down and go out. If you are staying more than one night, remember to close the vent between uses. Leaving it open will mean the fire will continue burning until it uses all of the fuel.

Out of hours emergency line

LRM Security operates during the following hours. 

Monday – Friday 10.30pm-8.30am 

Saturday – Sunday 10.30pm – 7.30am

For emergencies or issues that require an immediate response please call, 01539241459 or 07377874245. 

Please be aware that this line is only for emergencies or urgent issues. Respectfully, misuse of the security service will result in a charge. 


  • Refrain from using the hot tub between 10.30pm and 8am
  • During pregnancy soaking in hot water can be hazardous, please limit use to 10 minuteintervals
  • Do not use the hot tub immediately after exercise
  • Do not use the hot tub if you have an infectious disease
  • Do not use any electrical items within 2 meters of the hot tub
  • Guests on medication should seek advice from a medical professional prior to using the hot tub.