Top tips for exploring the Lake District National Park

The lush green countryside, craggy mountains, tranquil lakes, quaint villages and pleasant weather make the Lake District the most picturesque part of England. The Lake District National Park is no exception. The landscape is mesmerizing. The captivating words of Arthur Ransome, William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter reverberate about the haunting allure of the Lake District. The Lake District National Park is no less than a photographer’s dream location wherein rich; golden light provides an unmatched glory to the peaks and the wildflowers which glisten in the meadows.

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Spanned across a total area of 885 square miles, the Lake District National Park is known as the most adventurous playground. With a patchwork of woodlands, mountain tops, lakes and valleys, the Lake District National Park can be a great escape for a weekend adventure. Be warned with the unpredictable nature of weather as you may experience all four seasons in a day.

Tips for exploring the Lake District National Park

Hire your own transport: The Lake District has an extensive network of public transport linking the main towns. But if you really want to enjoy the scenic views of the lakes and explore the far-flung corners of the Lakes, the recommended way is to hire a car. Having your own transport will let you travel at your own pace. Then park up, pull things together and get yourself up that mountain.

Get your bearings: This can be done even before you step in the Lake District. Google maps and great 3D maps will give you a fair idea how to go about it. It is must to get your research work done for a beautiful journey ahead. This not only provides you with direction but also gives you a visual of the Lake District.

Home to England’s Poets: There is no surprise why famous English writers have flocked to the Lake District to be inspired by this tranquil place. See all the world-renowned attractions relating to Wordsworth, Potter, Ransome and Ruskin. Learn and explore the literary past of the Lakes.

Plan ahead and keep in mind the weather conditions:

A great key to a successful holiday is to plan ahead. Prepare your itinerary and work out the best options to get to places. Check the forecast as the uncertain weather can make or break the trip.

Hike the highest mountain

The Lake District is the home to England’s highest mountain- Scafell Pike. This is the reason why many hikers choose the Lake District. Besides Scafell Pike, there are numerous hikes such as Kirk Fell, Great Gable and Red Pike which are less challenging.

Hurry up and settle in

Sometimes when the weather ditches you, find a country pub to get shelter and enjoy some of the delicious food and drinks. Reinvigorate yourself and start afresh. There is no shortage of quality pubs and bars in the Lake District.

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