Dips, dives and feeling alive – Things to do in Bowness

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As tourists tread through the Victorian savour of the Lake District, one often overlooked aspect of this graceful escape is its caves. Exploring the likes of Rydal Cave is a common, yet astounding experience. Many a tourist will flock here in the dryer months, however, personal choice has led me to a most majestic hollow, namely Cathedral Cave and Hodge Close Quarry (https://www.10adventures.com/hikes/lake-district-national-park/hodge-close-quarry-and-cathedral-cavern/). As deep in water as it is high in drops, you will not be disappointed in the views nor the many hollows that entrap you. If you’re clever and fancy a bit of a de-tour, you can find a hidden tunnel to wade through. Acting as a dive board, the old unused cart rails provide great picture opportunities as well as a picnic hot spot (if you’re fast enough to bag it first).

If you’re interested in ticking off those Wainwrights fells, try Latrigg fell. You can see Bowness-on-Windermere from an eagle’s eye view from Latrigg which offers a 360 degree panoramic valley lookout point. If you’re uber keen, hit a horseshoe like ‘Coledale Round’. This is a long walk over the Wainwright Fells surrounding the glacial hanging valley of Coledale, situated above Braithwaite near Keswick. This route will visit Grisedale pike, Hopegill Head, Crag Hill and Outerside. Be sure to take plenty fluids and snacks – you may be up there a while.

Some prefer to keep their feet on dry land while the aquaphillias in us will be in their element as water sports are a plenty on Windermere lake, listing; sailing clubs, marinas, canoe, kayak, boat and paddleboard hire as just a few. Why not contact one of the many cafes for a takeaway afternoon tea (treat yourself to the one with the prosecco) and set sail on whatever floating device you prevail. Stop off on one of the islands on Windermere lake (advisable to research which allow docking) for that prosecco, keep in mind to take home any litter, we don’t take too kindly to it being left behind.

For those who want something really adventurous, you can dive to where your curiosity drives you deeper into newly explorable depths. Or practice your cold water therapy (only for the confident and experienced) in the depths of Windermere Lake. If it’s heights that make you feel alive, then climb among the canopies at Treetop Trek (https://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk/attractions/treetop-trek-windermere-94f1453b).

Whatever you choose, Bowness provides it all, for both the avid adventurer or the ambling explorer.



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