Which is better, North or South of the Lake District

Which is better, North or South of the Lake District?

As one of the most visited areas of the UK deciding which is better, North or South of the Lake District, it really does depend on personal tastes. After all, whichever you decide to visit, the Lake District is a wonderful part of the English countryside.

North Lake District

The beautiful hills and rock formations attract visitors to the North, where you can enjoy walks with incredible views. They don’t have to be too challenging either, Walla Crag is a popular short walk in the Lake District. It’s near Keswick, a small market town and known for its picturesque views overlooking Derwentwater. If you’re after a town steeped in history, then venture to the very tip of the Northern Lakes to Cockermouth. It may have a larger population than Keswick, but much of its medieval heritage remains untouched. Walking through the fields in the North, you may come across ponies running wild. Don’t be alarmed, they haven’t escaped but are as much of the landscape as the endangered red squirrels. There are also ponies that are looked after by local farmers, making organised pony rides in the Lake District a great experience. Those of you wishing to venture even further afield, travel outside of the Lake District and you will soon reach Hadrian’s Wall. It’s a common misconception that the famous wall forms the England/Scotland border, however, this is not the case. Although that said if you did want a day out the other side of the wall, it won’t take you too much longer to reach Carlisle Castle. If you’re staying in the South don’t worry. You can easily reach the North via trains from Windermere or by taking a scenic drive.

South Lake District

The esteemed author Alfred Wainwright MBE spent much of his life in the Southern Lakes. One of his many quotes on the region still rings true: “All Lakeland is exquisitely beautiful, the Southern Fells just happen to be a bit of heaven fallen upon the earth”. There is so much to do in the south of the Lake District, in particular, surrounding Lake Windermere. It’s the largest body of water in the National Heritage Park and a popular location for tourists. Check into a boutique spa hotel in Windermere and you can discover why for yourself. You can join a number of lake cruises, hire a boat or take part in local water sports. If you want to stay on dry land, the South of the Lake District is perfect for those waterside walks. Then there’s Scaffell Pike, England’s highest mountain. Here you can go hiking for the day, conquer the mountain and take in the views of rural England.

Where to stay in the North or South of the Lake District

With a hotel near Lake Windermere as your base, you can take the Steam Boat Gondola along Coniston Water. Bars and restaurants in the South are in abundance too, perfect for somewhere to relax or indulge in great food. Then back to your spa suite and you can jump in the hot tub. Afterwards, crash out in your cinema room or make the most of other spa treatments available. If you decide to say in the South Lake District, book a room in a luxurious spa hotel with your own hot tub.
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