The best places to walk in the Lake District

The best places to walk in the Lake District is a list that keeps on going. Although, we have narrowed down some of the most famous walks in the Lake District, Cumbria.

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The best places to walk in the Lake District

Borger Dalr, Borrowdale

A great way to enjoy this beautiful place is to climb Castle Crag, the site of a hill fort with incredible views. Even the famous writer Alfred Wainwright described Borger Dalr as the ‘finest square mile in Lakeland’. It is also highly recommended to stop at Peace How – A tiny summit bought in 1917 and used by the soldiers returning from the frontline to find some tranquillity.

Corpse Road, Loweswater

There is a number of fascinating walks in the Lake District, Cumbria. One of them is Corpse Road- where you can feel the steps of innumerable people who have carried their dead to their final resting places. This walk is not just associated with funerals, pretty lakes and spectacular woodlands nearby provide a home to red squirrels.

Coniston and Gondola

The Lake District is known for its meres, tarns, water and hills but a stop to the Bassenthwaite Lake is a must on any itinerary. It is regarded as the one and only true lake in the Lake District. Your visit would be in vain if you do not go for the beautiful steam Yacht Gondola ride which was launched in 1859. After being rescued and rebuilt by the National Trust in 1980, it tops the list of visitors from around the world. Coniston itself is a walkers’ paradise with the perfect spot for the foodies (Yew Tree Farm).

Greendale and Middle Fell, Western Fell

A visit to the Lake District in incomplete without heading west. You will not find scores of other hikers here and this place offers peace, tranquillity and a whole lot more. Due to its perceived inaccessibility, the area does not attract thousands of people and is an ideal spot if you want to avoid the crowds. The stark beauty of Wasdale, the Roman history of Eskdale and timeless views make this place a must-visit for lovers of the great outdoors. Halt at Greendale Tarn is a perfect picnic spot.

Ash Landing and Claife Heights, Windermere

This area is most popular with visitors looking for refreshment, accommodation and attractions in a stunning setting. Claife Heights boasts majestic views and also featured in one of the guidebooks to the Lakes. Whatever time of year you visit, take your time to enjoy the scenery, the lakes and the attractions in the Lake District.

If you are also an admirer of the eternal beauty of the Lake District, share your favourite walk in the Lake District.

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