What are the Benefits of a Hot Tub?

What are the Benefits of a Hot Tub?

By experiencing the benefits of hot tubs in one of our hotel spa suites, you will soon be wanting to install one in your own home. In fact, they have proven beneficial for a number of reasons, that improve both mental and physical health.

What are the Benefits of a Hot Tub?

As well as physical support for arthritis and lowering blood pressure, the relaxation is fantastic to help eliminate stress.

Below we take a further look at the wider benefits of a hot tub spa suite and why visitors return to Windermere for regular sessions at our spa hotels.

How do Hot Tubs Help Stress Relief?

One of the first things you’ll notice once you walk into our Spa Hotel in Windermere is just how relaxing a spa break truly is. Enjoy a soak in your private hot tub and you’ll soon appreciate the effects on your mental health.

Muscle tension, headaches and general fatigue are all caused by stress. Although taking a long bath is one proven way to relax, a hot tub takes it a step further. With the regulated heat therapeutic water jets stimulating endorphins that help heal the mind.

Are Hot Tubs any good for Arthritis?

Confirmed by the Arthritis Research Campaign, using a hot tub to apply heat to affected joints helps ease the constant pain. Something we can strongly recommend, especially if you decide to purchase your own hot tub when you return home.

While the massaging qualities reduce overall stiffness and overall aching, it also helps with any required exercise and daily activities.

Can you Lose Weight in a Hot Tub?

Although we can’t guarantee immediate weight loss by visiting our spa hotel in Windermere, it will certainly give you a chance to detox.

Combined with the start of a new diet and fitness regime, clinical studies have shown hot tubs also have their place. As to a certain extent, the massaging qualities are the equivalent of some aspects of work-out routines.

How does a Hot Tub affect Blood/Sugar Levels?

Regular hot tub use can reduce blood/sugar levels dramatically. The way in which a hot tub can replicate certain areas of exercise is good news for those suffering with type 2 diabetes.

The New England Journal of Medicine carried out a study showing that 30 minutes a day, for a 3-week period can do exactly that. Reducing levels by an average of 13%.

What about High Blood Pressure?

The Mayo Clinic has publicly even short stints in a hot tub can lower blood pressure. Recommending the use of such to heart disease patients.

While high blood pressure can go hand in hand with stress, it’s a health issue that affects both mental and physical wellbeing.

Does a Hot Tub Help You Sleep?

It’s not just a spa break with a comfy bed that makes you feel sleep through the night. There’s that all-important soak in the hot tub beforehand.

With the stress and strains of everyday life, sleep disorders such as insomnia are common within the UK and beyond.  Something millions of people suffer with day in, day out. So why not invest time in a hot tub and really feel the benefits.

Aphrodite’s Spa Hotel with Hot Tubs

If you are planning a visit to the Lake District, our spa suites all come with their own hot tub. Giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits first hand. Book online today, or give Aphrodite’s Lodge a call for more information.

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