Beautiful Walks in Windermere

Take one of these walks in Windermere during your package break in the Lake District and enjoy the great outdoors.

5 Beautiful Walks in Windermere

Where are the most beautiful walks in Windermere? Among these beautiful walks in Windermere, we look at a rewarding hike up Orrest Head and a gruelling trek around the whole Lake.

  • Orrest Head
  • Brant Fell
  • School Knott
  • Tarns Walk
  • Lake Windermere

Orrest Head

If you’re staying in Windermere then heading up to the top of Orrest Head is a must. With views over Lake Windermere, you may even be able to point out your spa suite in the distance. Complete with the outdoor hot tub awaiting your return.

Brant Fell

This is an easy walk to combine with your day out in Windermere. Especially if you’re staying central or just fancy a change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. Although saying that, a package break in Windermere still comes at a leisurely pace. However, as you head out of town you can certainly get away from it all without going too far.

School Knott

As you follow the railway lines on this circular walk, technically you can start anywhere along the route and end up in the same place. Although as with any of our walks in Windermere, you can always decide to head off in a different direction if you so wish.

Tarns Walk

If you take the official tarns walk route, then the total distance covered is 6.5 miles. Which is a decent length without being too much of a challenge. There are a number of landmarks along the way, as the route takes in Three Dubs Crags, Far Sawrey and High Blind How. All of which will become clear when you look into these beautiful walks in Windermere.

Lake Windermere

Realistically even the healthiest of walkers will find it hard going to try and walk the whole of Lake Windermere. Especially given the distance is a staggering 32 miles. So while you may want to give it a go, we’d highly recommend doing it in stages. If you book yourself a package break in the Lake District, you can always spread it out over a few days.

Other Ways to Keep fit in Windermere

As well as walks in Windermere, you can always step it up a gear by trying them at a faster pace. By that of course, we either mean by running or going for a bike ride. Alternatively, take a swim in Lake Windermere, or a horse ride along the water’s edge. If you need some encouragement you can always hire your own personal fitness coach or temporary gym pass.

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

If you’re staying in Cumbria, treat yourself to a spa package break in the Lake District and your own private hot tub. The benefits of a hot tub are well documented, complimenting walks in Windermere and keeping fit during your holiday.

Book a spa package break in the Lake District at Aphrodite’s Lodge, where the facilities include use of the hotel pool and other facilities.

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