10 Weekend Spa Packages in Windermere

10 Weekend Spa Packages in Windermere

Windermere Spa treatments and weekend spa packages in Windermere are a speciality at Aphrodites Lodge.

  • Signature Treatments
  • Pamper Packages
  • Massage and Holistic Therapies
  • Make-up by Art Deco
  • Luxury Facials
  • Waxing Treatments
  • Treatments for Men
  • Lash and Brow Treatments
  • Exclusive Couples Retreat
  • Aphrodites Winter Warmer Spa Package

After all, you can enjoy a taste of luxury, while staying at a boutique hotel. Not only that, but our choice of spa suites come with their own hot tubs. What’s more, these weekend spa packages and treatments are all available within the Aphrodites Treatment Rooms.

Beauty Treatments and Weekend Spa Packages in Windermere

Signature Treatments

When it comes to Windermere beauty treatments, what better place to start than the signature treatments. These include warming candle massage to a 90 minutes star treatment. Starting with an Indian Head Massage and ending with a good nights sleep in your spa suite.

Pamper Packages

Firstly, we look at the ideal weekend spa package in Windermere for those wanting a range of choices. It could be a luxury facial or a back massage. Alternatively, the pamper package would suit couples away on a romantic spa break in Windermere. With a 90-minute “mini-mooners” special for just £190 per couple.

Massage and Holistic Therapies

These Windermere spa treatments offer holistic therapy for body and mind. Specialist techniques reach far beyond regular spa packages, cleansing soul, spirit and emotional stress.

Make-up by Art Deco

As an addition to your Windermere beauty treatment, why not take the opportunity to get ready for your big night out? With our specialist make-up artist, you can have some assistance preparing that look you’ve always wanted.

Luxury Facials

Our resident beauty therapist also offers Windermere luxury facials. Also available within the comforts of your own spa hotel in the Lake District.

Waxing Treatments

Book in for those personal beauty treatments. You’ll be in safe hands with our waxing treatments. It’s far more effective than regular shaving, with the wax removing hair from the root, resulting in semi-permanent results.

Treatments for Men

Windermere beauty treatments aren’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of weekend spa packages to appeal to the man in your life too. As such, spa treatments for him range from a quick massage to the full “Gents MOT Package”.

Lash and Brow Treatments

This is one that you could easily book for your weekend spa packages in Windermere, alongside having your make-up done. It’s those little touches that help you feel even more special than you already are. Lash tinting and brow treatments aimed at those with a busy lifestyle that needs a little pampering once in a while.

Exclusive Couples Retreat

Windermere spa packages designed especially for couples away on a spa break in the Lake District. From full body massages for 2, hot stone and candle massages to Windermere luxury facials. Above all, if you’re visiting Lake Windermere, why not treat yourself to some special Windermere beauty treatments.

Aphrodites Winter Warmer Spa Package

Likewise with winter just around the corner, what better time to have an hours pampering. Not only that, but this one comes with a free sandwich with side salad and nachos, washed down with a nice pot of tea.

Book your Weekend Spa Packages in Windermere today, with the Aphrodites Treatment Rooms.

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